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The short answer: No it’s not too late. ⁣

The longer answer:

Pokémon as a franchise has maintained relevancy over the past 20 years and as a result have navigated times when cards weren’t as popular as they are today.

One of the main reasons that make Pokémon cards such a fantastic buy is the complexity of their structure with the games, cards, movies/tv shows, and merch. Thus, even if the cards stop doing well for a short amount of time, a movie, game, or merchandise item will continue to provide reminder branding for the general public.

Moreover, the other layer is that you will continue to hear about characters like Pikachu…

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An animation I made about cherries recently

Animation is hard. Here is a guide to make it a little simpler for you:

Animation has been a way for filmmakers to tell stories that no other medium would have been otherwise able to support. The creativity and imagination allows studios to take on projects that speak to a variety of ideas.

Sounds appealing right?

Well it is! It takes a lot of time, but the product is worth it.

I don’t have a tablet or stylus, but I want to make something. How do I get started?

What you will need:

  • A computer with a working mouse or trackpad
  • Photoshop
  • An idea you want to animate with a storyboard
  • How long you want each of the shots to be

Helpful but not required:

  • An external hard drive to save your projects…

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I have a adored comics ever since I was a kid.

My family didn’t buy a daily subscription to a paper, so the only times I was used to seeing them was through special Sunday delivery, and I was estatic when there was a whole page dedicated to them.

I’m not sure if it was just the illustrations or the funny one liners I would read, but around eight years old I had found an affinity for Calvin and Hobbes.

I have read things like Dilbert, Fox Trot, and What Rhymes with Orange before, and while I enjoyed them, I found that a lot of them feel only representative of the…

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Alfred Hitchcock

If you are into cinema, you’ve probably heard the name Hitchcock a bunch. But what really makes him so special? In this article, I talk about what makes him unique, and how his work displays these concepts.


Hitchcock’s influences of German cinema through the shadows and emphasis of visuals brought from silent cinema, furthered his venture of incorporating Eisenstein’s discovery of the soviet montage which allowed his films to be filled with depth through the framing of his cinematography, concise editing, and intricate use of sound.

German Expressionism and Visuals

Films are mainly a visual medium due to their silent cinema origins, and emphasizing…

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Its Quarantine 2020: you just finished how to bake sour dough bread from a video off of Tiktok and now you’re scrolling through your social media feed, finding what can bog your time until its close enough to bed time so you can look at memes in bed rather than the couch.

Don’t worry most of us are doing a very similar routine, but I think I got something that can spice up your day a bit.

If you’re like me you are missing the small moments in the day.

Not the big planned hang outs with your co-workers and…

Nikhil Kulkarni

Filmmaker | Stationery | Telling my story 1 day at a time

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